As a first step to treating your pet’s inappropriate urination, you should have them examined by a veterinarian to eliminate or pinpoint medical issues. As part of a treatment protocol, many veterinarians recommend Urine Off. Pet owners can become frustrated dealing with the smell and damage caused by urine; Urine Off can help pet owners save money and be more patient in dealing with these issues. Replacing furnishings, flooring and property damaged by urine can be costly. Urine Off eliminates this, potentially saving hundreds or thousands of dollars. Urine Off Veterinarian Strength products are formulated to destroy urine, permanently removing urine from all hard and soft surfaces. Urine Off is the #1 Veterinarian Recommended Odor and Stain Remover in the USA, and is used and recommended by veterinarians worldwide. When asked for help with inappropriate urination, veterinarians rely on Urine Off.

Urine Off has been awarded USDA BioPreferred® designation as a USDA Certified Biobased Product. Urine Off is a revolutionary biotechnology product to bio-enzymatic technology that eliminates urine odor and stains at the source, permanently. The combination of micro-organisms and their enzymes in our non-pathogenic bacteria work together to breakdown the uric acid that produces urine’s pungent aroma and the urea that sticks to the surface, effectively removing all components of the urine, when used as directed. Urine Off Veterinarian Strength is available at many veterinary clinics.

When it comes to removing pet urine odor and stains from carpet and rugs, Urine Off is head-and-shoulders above the rest. It carries the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval, certified to be safe and effective for use on carpet and rugs. Urine Off is also safe for use around pets and people, when used as directed.

VET Dog & Puppy Formula Sprayer 500ml

VET Dog & Puppy Formula Sprayer 500ml

VET Dog & Puppy Formula Gallon

VET Dog & Puppy Formula Gallon

VET Cat & Kitten Formula Sprayer 500ml

VET Cat & Kitten Formula Sprayer 500ml

VET Cat & Kitten Formula Gallon

VET Cat & Kitten Formula Gallon

VET Dog & Puppy Formula Sprayer 4oz

VET Dog & Puppy Formula Sprayer 4oz

Vet Dog & Puppy Formula 500 ml Sprayer with Carpet Cap

Vet Dog & Puppy Formula 500 ml Sprayer with Carpet Cap

VET Dog & Puppy Formula Bottle Carpet Injector Cap 32oz

VET Dog & Puppy Formula Bottle Carpet Injector Cap 32oz

VET Cat & Kitten Formula Sprayer 4oz

VET Cat & Kitten Formula Sprayer 4oz

VET Cat & Kitten Formula Sprayer Shrinkwrap Cap 500ml

Vet Cat 500ML Sprayer with Carpet Cap

VET Cat & Kitten Formula Bottle Carpet Injector Cap

VET Cat & Kitten Formula Bottle Carpet Injector Cap

Yard Clean Green™ - Concentrate (20:1) Gallon

Yard Clean Green™ – Concentrate (20:1) Gallon

LED Urine Finder

LED Urine Finder

Zorb-It-Up!™ Super Absorbent Powder 8oz

Zorb-It-Up!™ Super Absorbent Powder 8oz

Zorb-It-Up!™ Super Absorbent Disposable Sheets - Dispenser Box

Zorb-It-Up!™ Super Absorbent Disposable Sheets – Dispenser Box

Zorb-It-Up!™ Super Absorbent Disposable Sheets - Cello Pack

Zorb-It-Up!™ Super Absorbent Disposable Sheets – Cello Pack

Yard Clean Green™ 32 oz - Concentrate (20:1) Oval

Yard Clean Green™ 32 oz – Concentrate (20:1) Oval

Find it Treat it – All in One Vet Cat Kit

Find it Treat it – All in One Vet Cat Kit


“I just wanted to add a customer comment. I first purchased a small bottle of the Urine Off to treat a urine odor and stain. The product worked so well that I reordered a larger bottle with the black light and that absolutely did the trick. The Urine Off worked wonders on the odor and smell problem that I had. Most recently, my older cat urinated in another spot and I tried another product thinking that it would do the trick, not so. It was a waste of my time, energy and money. Here I am reordering the best odor eliminating product on the market. Readers, don’t bother with the other products. Urine Off is the best product, and I am a repeat customer and can tell you it works well.”


“Recently I had purchased your one-gallon container of Urine Off for cats along with the battery operated sprayer. We began having a problem in our house with spraying and our usual cleaning routine simply wasn’t working. At the suggestion of my vet I tracked down and ordered your product, which I’ve been satisfied enough with that I more recently ordered three more gallons.

While waiting for the new order of three one-gallon containers the battery operated spray gun died. I didn’t think it was related to the batteries (as there hadn’t been any decrease in power over time, indicating they were dying), but I replaced them to no avail. The sprayer was dead, period. I contacted your customer service folks in Hickory, NC and they very politely replaced my sprayer for free, which is what I hoped would occur, but was, nevertheless, surprised it worked out so well.

Thank you for taking care of this problem very quickly, professionally and politely. I was rather dismayed that the old one died, especially since it doesn’t come cheap. But you folks made everything alright.

Thank you and have a great holiday season.”

Mark A.

“Finally after trying so many other products, I found that yours works and that I can use it around my pets. I have 36 kitties and 2 puppies and have been searching for a product that is pet friendly to help with the “accidents” that occur almost daily.

After using your product, my house has a sweet smell which I thought would never happen again. I love your product and was looking for a larger size for my “extended family” and was so happy to see that you offer it in the gallon size container. I will be reordering in a few weeks and just wanted to say:
Thanks for such a wonderful product that does the job that other products do not.”

Thank you for taking care of this problem very quickly, professionally and politely. I was rather dismayed that the old one died, especially since it doesn’t come cheap. But you folks made everything alright.

Thank you and have a great holiday season.”

Pam S.

“We rescued a male cat who we discovered had bad urine issues when around other cats. Over a two week period he just about ruined our house before we could find him a cat-free home. The worst offense was a stuffed chair I had just purchased. I had tried every household hint and product I could think of, with no success. I had visited your website, and then saw your product at the vet’s office so I purchased it immediately.

Thanks to your wonderful formula, our house no longer reeks of cat urine and my new chair is not rotting in a landfill somewhere due to bad odor. Our own cat does not even sniff the spots where he had sprayed after (treated with) Urine Off; that has to be the biggest endorsement.”

Thank you!

Lauren B.

“My very old dog with an incontinency problem had ruined my Oriental rug, or so I thought. After reading about Urine Off in the Philadelphia Inquirer, I hesitantly purchased a bottle after trying other products to remove the urine odor and stains. That did it! My rug and room are absolutely odor free! What I thought was a hopeless situation is now resolved, and I’m delighted to spread the word!”

Jane B.

“My father-in-law recently had you send me a bottle of Urine Off.  I have to tell you I was skeptical because I have tried many other cleaners without great success.  I am more than pleased with the results; I even got out old stains that I had given up trying to get out.  You’ve got a winner, and I will be ordering more in the future.”

James T.

“My review of your product:

Stall management is important when you own horses and they spend any amount of time stalled. Mucking out the stall at least once a day in necessary, sometimes more is needed, depending on how long your horse is confined.

A product I have recently run across and have had great success with to control the odor problem in my stalls can be found at When I heard about it initially, I was skeptical, for as any horse owner will tell you, horse urine is quite powerful and especially so if you own a stud. Which I do not, but I wanted to give this product a try.

All it entails is to muck your stalls out and expose the area where your horse urinates. One of my horses, Racer, always urinates in the same spot, so his stall was easy. I found the bare dirt, and poured 1/2 cup of urine Off on the spot.

I did the same in the other stall in six different areas, because Traveler is a sloppy horse when it comes to this bodily function. I immediately noticed after pouring out the solution a pleasant chemical smell taking over the stalls. I wondered if this was just a matter of one chemical overpowering another, which is why I decided to let the solution set for 9 hours before returning. I left it alone all day blocking the horses out of their stall. Before I bed the horses for the night, I covered the spot with fresh bedding. Upon my return to the stalls, I noticed an absence of urine smell and what was left behind was a pleasant odor. I put the horses in their stalls and closed them up for the night. In the morning I returned, and let them out. I mucked out their stall, pitching their manure out the escape hatch into the garden, and I couldn’t help but notice that I did not smell horse urine at all.

Three days later, I am happy to report, still no noticeable smell of urine and only on the fourth day did I have to treat the stall floor again.

Two galloping thumbs up from this horse owner! Bye-bye, Stall Dry! Hello, Urine Off!”

Mary Anne M.,

“Just received your product Urine Off and used it right away. It did the job. With 4 cats in the house, I’ve got a feeling I’ll be using your product for a long time. I’m saving your email address for future reference. Thank you and have a great holiday.”

Rudolph G.

“I purchased your product from Melbourne on the other side of Australia. I see you only have two vets here in Perth that handles your product.  After living with a nervous cat for a year and spending a fortune on carpet cleaning, your product has made a difference in a week.  I would like to see if our hospitals, vets and carpet cleaning companies would like to stock your product.”

Mrs. Rikki K.

“I wanted to congratulate your company on such a fine product! I tried endless products and “mixtures,” without success until I read about your product and bought a couple of bottles. Any trace of odor is completely gone, and there is no residual “cover up scent.” Your product is worth every cent.”

Laura W.

“I have been so annoyed at the stains left by my dogs on my new carpet and that they had been so naughty I was ready to have the carpet replaced! Fortunately for me I found your product. I had tried many things on the stains to no effect and the type of carpet is renowned for being difficult. I am so so grateful for this product.”

Geraldine Myers

“I sprayed Urine Off on the armpits of a lovely but unwearable vintage wool coat, and the long-embedded odor is gone! There was no adverse effect to the fabric and the perspiration odor is gone.”

Sydney S., Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance

“We were visiting our mother at Alterra Assisted Living today. Her room smelled clean! We were told it was because of your product, Urine Off! The manager in charge and staff couldn’t praise your product enough. Alterra on Palmer Ranch is one of the nicer Assisted Living Facilities, which means they work extremely hard at keeping the place very clean. You just made their job so much easier. I hope this reaches out to the nursing homes, ALF’s, retirement communities, doctor’s offices, etc. Unless there is someone in your family who is elderly or has a problem with incontinence, they will never know how wonderful your product truly is! Thank you!”

Debbie M.

“I have been a cat breeder for 6 years of Bengals, which are part Asian Leopard. When the studs spray, they can spray twenty feet. The odor is much stronger than the domestic cat. I have used numerous products to no avail until I purchased Urine Off from a dealer at a cat show. I was so impressed I also became a dealer — and told my vet, who then also became a believer and a dealer. This product is the only one on my web site besides my cats, and I stand behind it l00%. Clients comment on how my cattery and home is without cat odors! What a great deal! I want to thank Bio-Pro Research for their great work.”

Barb H., Blue-Hill Cattery

“We have several dogs and we raise one or two litters of puppies every year. With the puppies peeing, it is hard to keep the training fresh in the minds of the older dogs and we often have larger spots of pee to clean up. I used to spend about 15 minutes cleaning a spot, using several products, but now, I clean it with water, then spray Urine Off. Even the dogs don’t stop and smell on their next trip which means there is nothing to smell. If there were, those big noses would pick it up!”

Pat M., Kurakuma Kennels

“I stopped in my veterinarian’s office last week and they were all out of Urine Off. I couldn’t believe how disappointed I was! I moped for a few days and couldn’t wait until the new shipment arrived. I don’t mind cleaning up after my two “wee” ones now. I love your product, and it is one of the few products that does just what it claims to do!

We moved our two dogs into a house that had previously had both dogs and cats, and they left their own “distinguishing marks” on the carpets. Urine Off removed all the old stains and odors and returned the carpets to their original white. It also worked wonderfully on the colored rugs – no bleaching out or dulling of the color.

I’ve used all the other products on the market and none compare to Urine Off. It’s refreshing to purchase a home pet product that smells great AND works!

I was introduced to (and continue to purchase) Urine Off through my veterinarian’s office, Animal Hospital @ Lakewood Ranch in Bradenton, Florida. The ladies in the office raved about how great it worked and they sure were right!”

Gina P.

“We had plans to install new wood flooring in our home’s first floor over an existing concrete slab. The problem was that, for some reason, our 2 Lab puppies had urinated on the concrete, and they kept coming back to the same area to do it again and again. The smell was horrible. We couldn’t possibly install a new floor over that!

We tried ordinary cleaners and ammonia, but no matter how hard we tried, the smell remained. It had soaked right down into the concrete and wouldn’t budge.

Urine Off took care of the problem instantly! The odor was completely eliminated, and it has stayed gone. Apparently not even our dogs can smell it, because they have not returned to the old spots at all.

Urine Off does exactly what it promises, and thank goodness! Now we can put our new floor down in confidence that we’re not trapping a big problem underneath.”

Tim M.

“I just wanted to let the company know how pleased I am with Urine Off. We have a full-service grooming facility that opens into the pet boutique and bakery services that we offer. I can’t tell you how many products I’ve tried to keep the facility smelling clean and fresh for customers that come through the door.

Your product is fabulous, and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who is seeking an effective product (and with a nice after smell).

Thank you very much for getting us on board not only as a dealer but as a daily user of Urine Off.”

Janet K., Bath & Biscuits

“Being an “animal” person, the name, Urine Off, grabbed my attention immediately. I have 4 dogs and 2 cats. Accidents are going to happen. I only wish I had found Urine Off sooner. The only room in the house that is carpeted is the guest bedroom. When my sister comes to visit and brings her brood there have been numerous accidents. I thought I was going to have to pull the carpet then Urine Off came into my hands. After one application the carpet looks good as new. The immediate results are awesome. This is by far the best product I have ever used. I recommend this to all my dog loving friends. It also removed the poop stains as well as the urine and the room smells great. Thank you Urine Off, you have a customer for life!”

Gayle Purdy, Bath & Biscuits

I started using your product for my 2 cats when they both were hit with bladder infections and urinated all over our futon and couch. Needless to say the futon was a complete loss but with your product I was able to save the futon cover and the couch! Your product virtually saved my cats lives…I had bought the black light to allieviate my paranoia since that incident and use it to patrol the house now and then…recently it has stopped working…I’ve change the batteries but it still doesn’t work…any ideas? Due to the cost of the product(11.99) I was hoping there would be some kind of gaurantee…

Rose B.

Good Morning,
We thank you for your business and sincerely apologize for your inconvenience. The LEDs are currently on backorder and will not be available until late April; however, upon arrival, we will ship you a new Urine Finder LED. If I can assist you further, please advise. We thank you again.

Customer Service

Thanks Donna!
I have to say that these days one does not normally find such excellent customer service… I am quite impresssed. I recommend your products to a lot of people… now I can gush about your outstanding commitment to your products! Thank you!”

Rose B.


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