I just wanted to add a customer comment. I first purchased a small bottle of the Urine Off to treat a urine odor and stain. The product worked so well that I reordered a larger bottle with the blacklight and that absolutely did the trick. The Urine Off worked wonders on the odor and smell problem that I had.

Most recently, my older cat ruinated in another spot and I tried another product thinking that it would do the trick. No so. It was a waste of my time, energy, and money. Here I am reordering the best odor eliminating product on the market. Readers – don’t bother with the other products. Urine Off is the best product, and I am a repeat customer and can tell you it works bell.

We have several dogs, and we raise one or two litters of puppies every year. With the puppies peeing, it is hard to keep the training fresh in the minds of the older dogs and we often have larger spots of pee to clean up. I used to spend about 15 minutes cleaning a spot, using several products, but now, I clean it with water, then spray Urine Off. Even the dogs don’t stop and smell on their next trip which means there is nothing to smell. If there were, those big noses would pick it up!
Pat M., Kurakuma Kennels
We were visiting our mother at Alterra Assisted Living today. Her room smelled clean! We were told it was because of your product, Urine Off! The manager in charge and staff couldn’t praise your product enough.

Alterra on Palmer Ranch is one of the nicer Assisted Living Facilities which means they work extremely hard to keeping the place very clean. You just made their job so much easier. I hope this reaches to the nursing homes, ALF’s, retirement communities, doctor’s offices, etc. Unless there is someone in your family who is elderly or has a problem with incontinence, they will never know how wonderful your product truly is!
Thank you!

Debbie M.
I’ve been a cat breeder for 6 years of Bengals, which are part Asian Leopard. When the studs spray, they can spray twenty feet. The odor is much stronger than the domestic cat. I have used numerous products to no avail until I purchased Urine Off from a dealer at a cat show.

I was so impressed I also became a dealer – and told my vet, who then also became a believer and a dealer. This product is the only one on my website besides my cats, and I stand behind it 100%. Clients comment on how my cattery and home is without cat odors! What a great deal!

Barb H., Blue-Hill Cattery
“We got our cat a new automatic litter box and she’s absolutely terrified of it. No matter how much she pretends to use it she’ll eventually go elsewhere. Well, thankfully this stuff exists! Because it saved our couch from an accident. I immediately I could no longer smell the odor. And I have a great sense of smell. I’m so thankful.”
“I’ve worked with dog rescue for 25 years. Occasionally someone’s going to have an accident where you don’t expect it. This is the one product that really works on carpet. The best thing is it’s so easy to use.”
Lynn K.
“Wow, I had no idea how many “oopsies” my dog has made. The light works so good and makes finding the source of odors so easy. And I could actually see the glowing spots fade away as I treated them. Very cool, and now my house smells so much better since I know where to treat the carpet. VERY recommended!”
Jennie L.


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