What is the difference between the Pet Urine Off Cat and Urine Off Dog formulas?2021-08-24T19:59:28+00:00

Both feline and canine urine will each have a different concentration of uric acid crystals, the component of urine that produces its pungent odor. Each Urine Off product is specially formulated to target the uric acid concentration of each animal type, ensuring that your home stays clean and fresh.

I’ve used Urine Off, but the smell/stain is still there! What do I do now?2021-08-24T19:41:52+00:00

If the urine smell or stain remains after treating with Urine Off, please refer to the items below to determine the next steps for treatment:

Were other products or steam cleaning devices used on the stained area prior to applying Urine Off?

Both of these can interfere with the efficacy of the product by either masking the urine crystals that Urine Off seeks to dissolve or spreading the stain to a larger affected area.

We recommend checking the affected area with our LED Urine Finder Light to locate difficult stains before treatment and to ensure proper removal. Please follow the instructions in our Directions for Use page for further instructions on how to remove stains in these scenarios.

Has the stain saturated into the sub floor? Or did you saturate the area for a long enough time?

It is not uncommon for heavy or repeated stains to saturate into materials below the top surface. In this instance, multiple heavy applications of Urine Off will be necessary for proper removal.

For plastic covered areas, please allow at least 24 hours for Urine off to saturate surfaces and remove crystals before retesting areas with the LED Urine Finder Light. Please check for your specific surface type in our Directions for Use for next steps in stain removal.

Are there stains in the surrounding areas?

Occasionally, a stain could be present near the originally treated stain that can continue to give off odor after treatment to a different area. We recommend checking nearby inconspicuous areas like corners and near furniture that are commonly marked by animals with the Urine Finder LED light to allow for tracking and additional treatment.

Will Urine Off keep animals from returning to urinate on the same spot?2021-08-24T19:43:46+00:00

Urine Off does not deter animals from returning to the spot, but it will eliminate the odor so that they are not attracted back to it! Both Veterinarians and dog trainers across the country use Urine Off as an effective training tool to house-train puppies as well as modify problematic behavior in cats.

Will Urine Off work on other types of odors and stains?2021-08-24T19:44:24+00:00

While Urine Off was developed for and is 100% guaranteed to treat urine odor and stain, we have heard wonderful feedback from customers who have used it on other organic stains, including feces, vomit, food, and perspiration stains with great success.  When asked if Urine Off will work on various types of stains, we have learned to say, “We don’t yet know what Urine Off won’t do!”

Will the smell come back after I have used Urine Off?2021-08-24T19:44:56+00:00

Urine Off’s unique bio-enzymatic formula actually removes the uric acid crystals that produce urine odor.  Once these crystals are removed properly, the smell will not come back.

Can Urine Off be used on laundry and bedding?2021-08-24T19:45:36+00:00

Urine Off is safe to be used on both linens and clothing as a pre-wash treatment.

Just soak the stain and allow to sit for fifteen to thirty minutes before washing.  Particularly bad stains should be saturated and placed in a plastic bag for 24 hours, to allow the bio-enzymatic action of Urine Off to work longer.

Does Urine Off remove urine from hardwood floors?2021-08-24T19:47:02+00:00

Please note that the basis of urine, when dry, is uric acid salt crystals that will gradually burn surfaces over time. As such, urine left untreated on a hardwood floor for a number of years will result in corrosion to the fibers of the wood.

While Urine Off will not be able to reverse this damage, it can help to remove the crystals to prevent future remarking and damage.

Steps for proper removal from hardwood surfaces can be found in our Directions for Use.

Please note that several applications of heavy saturation may be needed to completely remove stains from affected areas. Box spring may also need to be treated, as urine will often soak through the mattress and into the box spring. It can take a few applications to completely get rid of the stain.

How is Urine Off used on mattresses?2017-10-13T12:12:32+00:00

Urine Off will remove old stains from a mattress. Because much of the urine has soaked into the inner padding on the mattress, several applications will be needed. The mattress should be really saturated, to ensure that Urine Off comes in contact with all the contaminated padding within the mattress. The box spring should also be treated, as urine will often soak through the mattress and into the box spring. It can take a few applications to completely get rid of the stain.

– Saturate mattress and box spring (be sure to remove the mattress from box spring before treating).
-Allow to air dry and repeat process as necessary with Urine Off.
-In most cases, plastic covers are used to prevent urine from getting into the mattress. This should also be treated, or, if it has been severely damaged, thrown out. Because the of the plastic cover, often urine will become deposited on the metal bed rails holding the box spring and mattress, and will need several treatments as well.

Will Urine Off work on upholstery?2021-08-24T19:48:06+00:00

Urine Off can successfully remove urine from upholstery such as couch and chair cushions. Instructions for proper stain removal from upholstered surfaces can be found in our Directions for Use page.

Will the area no longer glow after successful treatment with Urine Off?2021-08-24T19:49:13+00:00

When exposed to the LED light in Urine Off’s LED Light Urine Finder, the uric acid from leftover stains will give off a florescent glow. This can be extremely helpful when attempting to locate the source of a mysterious pet odor. Urine Off’s bio-enzymatic action completely eliminates these urine salt crystals, therefore eliminating the glow after successful treatment.

Please note that it may take several applications to completely remove leftover urine stains depending on surface time and level of saturation. Specific instructions for removal by surface can be found on our Directions for Use page.

Why can’t I dilute Urine Off or put it in my carpet-cleaning machine?2021-08-24T19:49:53+00:00

Urine Off is packaged and sold in a ready-to-use form and should not be mixed with water or any other liquid. Diluting or mixing the solution with other cleaners will significantly reduce its effectiveness.

We recommend pre-treating the area with Urine Off products before resuming standard cleaning practices. Gallon-sized bottles of Urine Off, when not diluted, can be used in carpet shampoo machines with great success in removing stains and odors.

Is Urine Off safe to use around animals?2021-08-24T19:50:39+00:00

While Urine Off products should not be applied directly on humans or animals, it is completely safe to use around pets and people.  Urine Off is a cruelty-free product that is NOT tested or approved for use on animals or humans.

Can I use Urine Off on a carpet that has been steam-cleaned or shampooed?2021-08-24T19:52:38+00:00

Never clean your carpet with steam-cleaning until you are sure you have gotten all of your urine and urine salt crystals out of the carpet.  The steam and water will spread the dried urine over a larger area, making the problem more difficult.

If your carpet has been steam cleaned prior to urine removal, please follow the instructions on our Directions for Use page for proper removal instructions.

Can Urine Off be used on leather?2021-08-24T19:53:21+00:00

Urine Off has received excellent feedback and field-testing reports results on leather. The solution is a mild, water-based product, and it generally does no more harm to the leather than the urine has done as it breaks down the uric acid crystals to remove the odor.

Please note, that water is no friend to leather, as it temporarily bonds with the oils in the oils lubricating the leather’s fibers and removes them. This leaves leather drier and stiffer. Leather of a low quality that was manufactured with inexpensive dyes may also lose color. Again, proceed carefully and test in an inconspicuous area, if possible. For best results, always consult with the store or manufacturer where you purchased your leather item.

What is the difference between Urine Off and other products on the market?2021-08-24T19:55:44+00:00

Many products on the market only attempt to mask the urine odor with another fragrance, encapsulate (seal in) the urine stain in the surface, or dry out the urine salt crystal with alcohol or solvents.

These are short-term solutions and leave the insoluble urine salt crystals in place causing repeated odors and remarking. Even competing products claiming a bio-enzymatic ingredient tend to use inexpensive, readily available bacteria/enzyme formulas. These products may work well on common organic stains and odors like feces and vomit, but, as we know, dried urine is uncommonly tough.

Urine Off contains bacteria and enzymes that were intentionally isolated and selected specifically for their appetite for the urine salt crystals – It may take more time to make a product highly specialized and concentrated- but the results are worth it!

Why is “protective eyewear” to be used with the Urine Finder?2021-08-24T19:56:33+00:00

Prolonged and direct exposure to UV light can be harmful to the eyes. This is generally a concern only for cleaning staff who use the very bright Professional Urine Finder on a regular basis. With the consumer model (or Mini-LED Urine Finder), the output is not so bright as to cause a problem in ordinary use, though caution should be exercised in never looking directly into the light.

As far as protective eyewear goes, most modern prescription glasses include a UV coating. Inexpensive safety glasses from the hardware or home-improvement store also generally include a UV coating –check the product labeling to be sure.

How do I use the Urine Finder to locate urine?2021-08-24T19:57:48+00:00

First, darken the room as much as possible – the darker the room, the easier it will be to detect the dried urine.

Dried urine has a characteristic dull yellow fluorescence or glow when exposed to LED lighting. This will help you to distinguish it from other compounds that may also glow. For example, some soaps and detergents will leave residue that glows bright white to an almost blueish white, and lint can glow a very bright white.

One way to learn the characteristic color of dried urine is to take your Urine Finder into the bathroom and illuminate the toilet and surrounding area. Even in the cleanest bathroom, you should be able to see the dried urine crystals that conventional cleaners cannot remove.

Another way to distinguish dried urine from other compounds is by the shape and location of the stain. Urine stains are generally found in predictable locations, like corners and at the base of furniture, and will have a shape that resembles a puddle or a stream. If cats are involved, be sure to check the baseboards and walls for traces of spraying.

Keep in mind that if the urine was already blotted up or has seeped down into the carpet and most of it has been cleaned off the top layer of the carpet (in the fibers), then it will be harder to locate with the Urine Finder. In such cases, it may be wise to pull back the carpet in the areas you suspect so you can be sure you’re not missing any smelly spots.

What’s the difference between your Urine Finder black light and others?2021-08-24T19:58:45+00:00

“Black” or ultraviolet (UV) light is a type of light wave within a certain fairly broad frequency range. Within that range, there is a specific light frequency that will cause urine to fluoresce as brightly as possible. Urine Off’s LED Light Urine Finders are engineered to produce that specific wavelength of UV light, so they can more easily locate hidden stains than generic black lights.

(note: incandescent/screw-in household bulbs with “black light” coatings generally will NOT fluoresce urine at all).


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